Cheese Cake

October 5, 2011
By Taterbug BRONZE, Wray, Georgia
Taterbug BRONZE, Wray, Georgia
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Cheese Cake
It is as smooth as my hair yet crunchy like crackers
It melts in your mouth like a left over M&M in your pocket
The creamy texture and smooth icing is similar to the beloved desert, ice cream

Cheese Cake
It can be as cold as ice or as warm as your soup
Either way, it tastes as if your taste buds are throwing a party in your mouth
It is similar to the relief of rain on a hot sunny day

Cheese Cake
Can be as blue as blueberries
Or as red as cherries
It always tastes delicious

Cheese Cake
It is giggly like Jell-O
It is usually shaped in triangular slices like pizza
It is the best tasting dessert

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