October 5, 2011
By Taterbug BRONZE, Wray, Georgia
Taterbug BRONZE, Wray, Georgia
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It was the dream, to make the team
to fly through the air
memorizing cheers
being able to wear fancy makeup
dancing to various formats
and hanging with the girls

Various girls
working together as a team
rolling out the mats
jumping in the air
sweating off their makeup
shouting cheers

Motivational cheers
coming from the girls
some that they makeup
they cheer for their team
tumble through the air
and stretch on the mats

With the floor covered in mats
the girls give cheers
spirit rings in the air
smiling girls
as they cheer on their team
checking their makeup

With flawless makeup
they practice on the mats
learning the definition of team
perfecting their cheers
throwing their pom-poms in the air
the exhausted girls

We love those girls
with their fancy makeup
their chants filling the air
feet pounding on the mats
the crowd mimicking the cheers
this is a team

The roar of the crowd in the air as they cheer for their team.
No worries about their makeup as they shout out the cheers.
Its time for the girls to roll up the mats.

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