October 5, 2011
By , tifton, GA
My Sestina

I like to have fun
And be crazy
I am loud,
And skinny,
With a tan,
I am me

I will always be me,
And at the right times, I will have fun
Brigade keeps this tan,
But it takes away my crazy
People always say I’m skinny
But very loud

I tell them the loud
Is me
Being skinny is fun
For me, being crazy
Is as easy as getting a tan

Big tans
Are loud
On your skin, but crazy
Is even louder. I love being me,
Its fun
Even thogh I am skinny

I’m skinny
Not weak, this tan
Makes me look stronger, but more fun
I like being loud but do not like loud, annoying noises. They aren’t me
But this Indian is crazy

Being crazy is fun
But being skinny and loud is a different story
I am me, and this tan isn’t going anywhere

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