Through the eyes of the mask...

October 4, 2011
By Ashlea BRONZE, Poplar Grove, Illinois
Ashlea BRONZE, Poplar Grove, Illinois
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Make no mistakes
When you look into these eyes
I am a cold blooded fake
With one he** of a disquise
Cover me in roses
Blind me with the sun
Hide me with this cloak of beauty
But please don't take away my gun
I lie with honesty and passion
I wear the tattered gown of faith
You make me out to be the victim
You fall for my self-inflicted wounds
Scold me with the thunder
Purify with rain
Send the lightening to ignite me
But please know that I'm not sane
I steal your love and break you
I am a beast within a beauty
Why can't you see my fault lines?
Why can't you see that you're my prey?
These eyes, they will decieve you
They hold the past within themselves
An abject side effect
Once you learn to loose yourself
Now they pierce your soul with one intention
They thirst for what I've lost
Each glance into your beating heart
The hunger never dies
'Til I've got you, willingly,
My living sacrifice

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