My Soul

March 30, 2008
As kids talk while walking the halls,
The gossip starts to spread and the rumors crawl.
It’s hard for a teenager like me not to get caught in the abyss.
Now as friends turn backs I am supposed to handle it all.
My small soul can only take so much.

Now in the teenage life, I start to experience love and emotion.
At times it seems life is the last thing I want to be living.
Other times life is the most important thing I own.
This is all a teenager has to handle to stay alive,
My small soul can only take so much.

Now life seems to be perfect, noting could ruin it.
Friends gather around me and make me feel so great.
As people start to fight and friends turn, it all tumbles upon me.
I could never guess what people thought of me, but now my fate.
My small soul can only take so much.

In the mist of all happening I seemed to live different life’s.
There was no one life to please all.
Now everything and everyone came crashing down onto me.
I feel like giving up, crashing to the ground as I quickly fall.
My small soul can only take so much.

I struggle to regain my courage, but then I think of one person.
Slowly trotting back into my deep heart is the feeling of love.
There is no greater feeling than love that can reunite one person.
Now a sign of peace and hope, flying above, a white dove.
My small soul can only take so much.

My soul now starts to unite, a wonderful feeling.
Slowly my friends start to regain my trust.
I have now captured myself, my real self.
My bad memories are left behind in the dust.
My small soul can now handle anything.

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