March 30, 2008
By Samantha Clauter, Greer, SC

You were my best friend.
And that was a feeling I never wanted to end.

You were there when I was courageous and strong.
But you were there when I was lame and wrong.

You stood by my side with whatever I did.
You defended me while I was a chicken and hid.

You were the perfect guy for me. It was easy to see.

Something in the end just didn't seem right.
You weren't the guy I knew anymore, even though we talked every night.

It didn't matter anymore. You didn't care.
You even made my heart begin to tear.

You broke it. Something I never thought you'd do.
And my heart is what I gave to you.

It was broken for a long time and I'm finally over you.
Sometimes it doesn't show, but you knew
You were my best friend.

And that was a feeling that finally came to an end.

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