The Angels of Glory

March 30, 2008
By noelle doenges, Fort Wayne, IN

In the pale morning light
The little girl sat patiently,
Watching the dreams take flight.
And the light blue angels dances on the river,
After them.
Some of them sitting upon the swans.
Whispering a tune never heard before,yet
So exquisite that even the clouds sighed.
Calling the light minded to their palace of peace.
Here and there is where their song lies,for
They contain no lies.
And within that there can be no boundaries.

The blonde child, of the father, sat utterly dazed.
Staring into the eyes of the priceless possession
That these angels contained with confession!
They sung in unison of the glory of heaven and forgiveness.
Burden with thoughtfulness.
And all but the words they sang were true to the heart.
although these are the words that touched her mind the most!

"Oh, wonderful child there is reason to be
In contented sorrow,for the Lord has read
Your thoughts and saw a myriad of
Fights that you fought!
So breathe a little easier now for the demons
He will not allow!
Now walk with confidence for he gave you recurrence
Of his love that would never fail.
Can't you see that nail
Slammed into his beautiful smoothed hands!
Can't you hear his muffled screams in pain
For he carries the scars that are the same!
When you dug into your skin
Saying "father, I hate you" is the same damn sin
That he carries in his heart so deeply.
And he cried when you ask "Father,where are you?"
His heart pounds so completely"

She had a face lit with excitement
and her heart was sent.
Giving so willingly to his words of water
That muted the screaming mother in the fire!
And then the feeling vanished with urgency!
Her eyes were giants standing in the hottest pit of hell!
Turning her head in contemplation,
And her stomach knotted in fear!
Then she saw it stand so clear.
A little boy with moon night eyes
And slits in his face from the hatred of knives!
A boy with vomit in his teeth so bright it could kill
The devil that overthrew the poor child's love and dedications ,
To the father,left the soul tangled in their words of contradiction!
Foaming at the mouth and bleeding in the brain.
Sent the girl in writhing fits like the insane!

But the angles stood firm
As if no one could hurt them.
They started to sing their song with staccato stomps.
As they did the boy's eyes twitched in pain!
And then the high pitched scream knocked on the angels heart
The girl could see them choke out the words!
One put her arm around the girl,light as air and a kiss of love.
The heart gave a sigh of safety and the angel continued to sing.
But one stared into the eyes of the boy so carefully as if
Not to kill him with her fathers love.
And this is what she said,

" Forgive the unknown father!
Even if death himself is standing in front of me
I will be in everlasting freedom
for thats what your love does for me.
Your forever wanted affection
is our protection.
Let be what is to be only if it is your will!
Father, hear our cry for your impressions on our minds.
Father, with your breath abolish the bondage, hate and fear that
This hateful creature brings among us!
I cry for your glory to rain down so hard that
We gasp at you amazing power!
Shout in me,father!
Please, I beg you shout in me!"

The sky wailed in desperation
And the stars cooled with the air he breaths!
The horizon broke at his hands as he pulled the
Lines of the great divide apart!
Then stuck his beautiful scarred face into the world
The angels smiled in relief at his sight.
He pulled all the air around him and blow a
hurricane straight towards him in anger!
Destroyed the boy with the upturned face!

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