Drip Drop

March 30, 2008
By Stephanie Fuller, Peterborough, ZZ

Drip Drop...Drip Drop
There Goes Another Thought
A Tear Running Down My Face
Nobody Could Ever Take Your Place

The Clouds Are Blue, The Sun Is Shineing
And I'm Sitting Here Crying
The Wind Is Blowing, Its Getting Cold
Its Time Now, The Storey Is Told

Remember Some Memories, Forget The Rest
Close Your Eyes, And Take A Deep Breath
Its All Leaving Now, Almost Past
Just The Memories, I Know Will Last

To Me Your There, But Also Here
I'm Not At Risk, But Full Of Fear
Your Everywhere I Go,To Me
It Was All Supposed To Leave,But Its Here, Forgive Me,Please

Where Did You Go, Where Are You Now
I'll See You Again, Not Sure How
Please Come To Me, Never Leave
We'll Be Full Of Happiness, And Relief

Do You Look Into That Girls Eyes, Kiss Her Lips
You Can Tell Shes Happy, By The Way She Skips
See That Way Shes Skipping, Look At Her Go
Its Beautiful, Makes Me Sad Though

That Used To Be Me, That Girl Right There
That Was When, You Had Time To Spare
Now Its Her, Instead Of Me
Are Your Going To Set Her Free

Tell Her You Cant Live Without Her
Tell Her, Tell Her You Love Her
And You Always Will, With All Your Heart
Then Shoot Her With That Painful Dart

Should I Move On, And Not Stop
I Would Try, But I Would Just Drop
How Do I Start Again, After The End
Are You Just Another Guy, Or Are You My Friend

So Many Questions, Problems Unsolved
This Isn't A Game, That Can Be Resolved
Its True, Its Real
Its The Way, I Really Feel

Tick Tock, Your Running Out Of Time
If You Don't Want Me, Thats Fine
No Saying Sorry, No Running Back
I Refuse To Take It, I Know It For A Fact

I Don't Want It To End, Don't Want It To Go Away
I Just Want, You To Stay
Talk To Me, Let Me Understand
Like We Said, The Way We Planned

My Time Is Up, Its Gone
Please, Don't Get Me Wrong
Good-Bye For Now, Talk To You Soon
So I Wish, Upon The Stars And The Moon

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