March 29, 2008
By Diamond Peden, Groveton, TX

The night is day
The day is night
Worlds collide in epic battle
The summer wind is hot as ice
No one knows why the weight is carried
Today has no end but the sun has set
The sun had once painted the sky
Do you remember, that cold day in December?
Flames erupt from beneath my eyelids
Scorching everything I ever held dear
Friends aren't friends without a test
Few make it through the blizzard
If you can't take me at my worst
Then what makes you think you can take my best?
I'm not a doll, nor am I defensless
Yet I cannot swim across
Helpless I struggle pushing against the water's floor
Bounding for a single breath
Water pummels my insides with every push and call
I tried to help you
When no one ever tried to help me
Fire burns inside my head
I'm screaming so loud yet no one hears
My friends aren't friends
They are so much more to me than that
They help me even when they aren't there
I might not be what you like
But I help you without my nor your knowing of it
Like everyone helps me
Even people I dislike come around and help me up
So, I'm wondering...
Are you just a friend
Or so much more than that?

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