Listen to Them

March 29, 2008
While the world laughs out,
Alone they cry silent tears
At every corner.

Begging to be heard,
Hearts pouring out; torn down
Fragile and pleading.

'Lone with still prayers,
With no hand to hold on to
Somehow they dwell on.

Without support,
With only two feet to stand on
No one lending help.

You greedy mortals,
Wasting away all you gave
Have a heart and look!

Hear them, ignorance!
Hear them cry their hearts out loud
Lend an ear to them.

It is not to hard,
To give them what they need most
Love, compassion, hope.

Your brother in need
Set aside your differences,
Let them smile for once.

It would be better,
To have all the world to smile
To live on with PEACE...

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