My World

September 25, 2011
By BrightStar BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
BrightStar BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Ricky, my world,
I'll love you for ever and always.
Ricky, my world, please don't go.
Ricky, my world, please understand.
Ricky, m world, please love me back.

The author's comments:
This poem is about my situation with my son, Richard Donald-Joe Frey (aka Ricky). I was four months along when i found out that i was going to have a kid. The day I gave birth to him i found out that i wouldn't be able to bring him home with me to my mom's house where i live. I also found out that i would never be able to have him live with me and that i would lose all of my prenatal rights to him. Ever since then i had a 'feeling' that something was going to happen that involved me and Ricky. I couldn't shake the feeling no matter how hard i tried. I also couldn't place what the 'feeling' was. On September 09, 2011 I knew what that 'feeling' was. It was my poem. I haven't been able to write a poem since I found out that i was pregnant. That's why i didn't recognize this 'feeling'. I am proud of myself. It goes to prove that anything is possible if you set your mind on it.

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