My Last Breath

September 24, 2011
The darkness that approaches,so bold and bleak and clear.
It envelopes my very soul,and blots out all goodness here.
The darkness that is my fear,
the fear of losing you,when death's cold world draws near.
How can I think of a life that is no more.
The night that passes by my eye,is just like the folklore.
I can not describe it,this cold and empty bliss.
When you I see I might lose with it.
I pray for you to hear my cry,my last hope of seeing you.
To float through time before I die,
back to when I was with you.
Death is coming nearer now,
yes I feel the coldness dark.
I feel like a ship that has lost its prow.
My wings have been clipped,
my feet have been lost,
my hair has been wrenched and whipped.
And as my last breath is escaping,
I feel myself saying that wonderful phrase.
Even though death has done its awful landscaping,
I still have the power of love that is never due,
I know that with my death comes true love's vow.
When that time comes if you are near I'll say "I love you."
Then my hand will fall form your beautiful face,
my lifeblood will drain from my lifeless body.
Do not weep for know that I am near,
I will always be with you til time is old and gaudy.
No one will ever keep between you and me,
the Us that is us will e'er remain til time itself stands still.
My breath I know I'd use to tell the simple truth,
My last breath would ever go to say "I love you"

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Brittany16 said...
Mar. 1, 2012 at 7:20 pm
Pretty Good :)
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