Left Me Broken

March 29, 2008
By T H, Daleville, AL

I feel like a broken record,

Angry and Depressed,

Confused about my feelings,

I can feel happy yet sad,

At the same time,

He can make me smile,

And be happy,

But lately all we do is fight,

Then the fighting would stop,

And the happiness,

Overloaded my body,

Making my heart tingle,

Making me smile,

Not frown,

He puts the pieces of my broken heart back together,

Telling my everything will be alright,

And saying "I love you baby,"

Or just a simple,

"Hey Beautiful."

I love the way,

He fills my heart,

But when we fight,

My heart breaks,

All over again,

And I feel like he,

Left Me Broken.

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