Girl on Fire

September 24, 2011
By Chenzie SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
Chenzie SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
"You never forget the face of the person who was your last hope." Katniss Everdeen

Girl on Fire,
Watch it burn
You made it so
So watch and learn

It's all your fault,
Girl on Fire
You, the Mockingjay,
Have proven to inspire

You cause us pain,
Every single one
But, Girl on Fire,
Pain's no fun

What we want is victory,
What we want is success
Girl on Fire, listen up
You've just created a mess

How hard you have made it
For all of us here
You've made us suffer
Girl on Fire, bring on the tears

You hold the power
While we hold the brains
Watch, Girl on Fire,
Watch as it rains

A hit in the gut
A blow through the mind
Oh, Girl on Fire
You've caused my teeth to grind

I'm tired of you,
You've killed and you've hurt
But, Girl on Fire,
I wish it were reversed

Oh, you don't notice
I know you haven't seen
See, Girl on Fire,
How you've proven me keen

Because I have found something
Your careless eyes have missed
I've paid more attention
To what you would call bliss

Re-look and re-think
And you might find your flaw
Just one small mistake
Girl on Fire, and you've changed it all

Now I can win
You've given me a lead
A purpose, a feeling,
Girl on Fire, I no longer bleed

You have lost,
And I have won
Oh, girl, Girl on Fire,
Who is bright like the sun

Can you see it, right there?
Too late, you have missed it
Girl on Fire, oh you
Did you have to resist it?

Goodbye, farewell,
I'm done playing games
Girl on Fire, accept it
I'm my own person to blame

Listen, you could force a laugh
Nevermind, I think you'll cry
Girl on Fire, Girl on Fire,
When do you plan to die?

I could do it; me
I could arrange it, you know
Little, harmless Girl on Fire
BOOM! There you go

The author's comments:
This was also inspired by the Hunger Games. It's from the perspective from someone in the Capitol during Mockingjay, and is very upset with the turn of events, and in this "alternate ending" the Capitol wins, and the girl gets to watch Katniss Everdeen die

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