Last Hope

September 24, 2011
By Chenzie SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
Chenzie SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
"You never forget the face of the person who was your last hope." Katniss Everdeen

Last hope, last hope
Did you know you were mine?
Did you know that your decision
Could have kept me alive?

Last hope? Now I'm waiting
Just sitting around
For the time when the call my name
And I'm buried in the ground

A punch in the stomach
As my last hope flees
She turns and she twists
As she runs through the trees

I hate her so
My last hope didn't care
She didn't even realize
That I was walking on thin air

She assumed I was fine
Just playing a game
My last hope didn't get me
Didn't see that her spark left a flame

My last hope was stupid
And selfish, as well
She just left me stranded
Unable to tell

My spirit got crushed
She was evil, a liar
As my last hope ran away
She was the Girl on Fire

Did she care about me?
I doubt it, for sure
My last hope was hopeless
She left me out for the birds

Promise me secrets
My last hope, she lied
She said I could trust her
Little did she know she'd been identified

Get this through your head
The one I was forced to believe in
My last hope, that's you
Tricked me into a false win

My last hope, oh you
You could have kept me alive
You could have helped me
To be famous and thrive

This isn't fair
To have to go through this
She was my last hope
And she tied me into knots full of twists

So, my last hope
So sneaky, so fine
So evil, so cruel
So perfectly divine

You want to know if I'm okay
All I can tell you is this
Last hope, how could you
Try and get out with a small kiss

You ask me a question
No answer, you see?
Because, last hope, when you left
They broke me

I no longer work right
I can't say a word
Last hope, look at me now
Tell me you didn't learn

I can't make a sound
I can't even swallow
This will surely kill me
So I sit to endure and wallow

Unbearable, this pain
Of always having to agree
I can't say no, last hope
I can't say anything

Nothing just is
You need to learn
Last hope, last hope
You left me there to burn

Why can't I speak
You beg me to know
Well, all I can say is
Nothing, last hope

No words can crawl up my throat to my mouth
It's all confined to my brain,
It's being left out
Last hope, please watch as it rains

It will rain words
Things no one can say
Words that have no meaning
That beg for their day

You really do beg me
You twirl your brown, Seam locks
I'll write, come look, it says
"I'm an Avox"

The author's comments:
This was inspired by the Hunger Games, from Lavinia's point of view. Because Katniss was her last hope, and she just watched.

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