How Come I'm Not Enough

March 29, 2008
By Toni Hunter, Daleville, AL

You led me on,

I believed everything you said,

But to hear what comes out of your mouth,

When I'm not around,

Is worse than loosing your best friend,

I always believed you,

You hurt me,

Stabbing me in the back,

Like a fake friend,

Even though I can't hate you,

I'm very confused,

Wanting to know what I did wrong,

Whats wrong with me for you not wanting me?

Is it her?

That girl you look at,

With lust in your eyes,

That girl,

She hates me,

Is that why everyone chooses her over me?

Am I not skinny enough?

Am I not pretty enough?

Am I not tall enough?

Am I not smart enough?

Am I not slutty enough?

How come she's enough?

It seems I'll never meet your needs,

Just like I always thought.

I'm not good enough!

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