Little Bronco

March 29, 2008
By Rebekah Landamrk, Montevideo, MN

There's a little bronco who lives inside of me,
and when I get excited, he starts to buck in glee.

When a certain cowboy struts on by,I won't mention his name,
that crazy lil' bronco starts his rowdy rodeo game.

He'll turn my stomach upside down,and twist and turn,
and everything inside of me will slowly begin to churn.

When I'm getting ready for a big event,he really makes a wreck,
He'll pound and ground,and really buck like heck.

Some people get butterflies fluttering about,
'but that lil' bronco makes me wanna shout.

I don't mind that lil bronco at all,
when I get nervous or excited,he really has a ball.

That little bronco is a part of me,
and for ever it should be!

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