From One Friend To Another

September 24, 2011
By Tayisa BRONZE, Rockwall, Texas
Tayisa BRONZE, Rockwall, Texas
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I've done a lot of bad things,

And I feel guilty.

But none of that can be compared to what you've done to me.

I've been nice.

Look where it got me;

Out on thin ice,

Drowning in the sea.

And you pretend not to see.

Refuse to believe

That you've done me wrong.


It's been too long,

Since you had a friend.

But I would have been there to the end,

Ready to hold your hand.

All you had to do was ask!

It wouldn't have been too hard a task.

I trust you,

And you trust me;

That is how its supposed to be.

And I know they say oil and water don't mix,

But I beg to differ!

We mix pretty well,

Especially when we use a mixer.

So why cant we go back to te old days,

Our old ways.

Back when we didn't care what anyone else said;

Back when it didn't matter if you had a girlfriend...

I'm just trying to make my point clear,

I don't mean to sound bitter.

Besides, my christian upbringing lets me say only one thing,

'Bless her heart; there goes a sinner.'

And don't try to play it off,

We all know what she did.

We all laughed when you realized,

You had gotten played like you were a little kid!

But you know what?

When the tears have washed away,

And the sadness is gone.

I'll be here to stay,

To help you move on.

I understand your pain;

I've gone through it too.

There's no need to be ashamed!

Of course you need a friend beside you.

Just be strong,

And, trust me, you'll be fine.

It may take some time,

But trust me,

You'll be fine.

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