A Picture Left Blank

September 24, 2011
I am a picture left blank
I wonder if the stems of commonsense will ever blossom
I hear the soul cry out in pain
I see the water that can walk across man
I want the world to understand that stress is free
I am a picture left blank

I pretend that knowledge is bliss
I feel that the Earth is mourning for the contradictory of uproar
I touch the hand of wealth with the sadness of its antonym
I worry that history is just that to the populace
I cry when the thought of love runs dry
I am a picture left blank

I understand that I am my own self
I say "don't search in tomorrow for what you can find today"
I dream of a luminary shining above the rest
I try to blend the lines of eminence and poverty
I hope for the mystery of tomorrow and the gift of today
I am a picture left blank.

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