Closed Doors

March 29, 2008
By Atlanta Gregory, Rogersville, TN

The lies that they believe
What others chew and swallow
You won't take for a minute
Because you know that they are hollow
You know that I'm upset
But you don't know what it is
I wouldn't tell you anyways
Because I don't want to let you in
Because if I let you in
I'm afraid that you just might
Leave me all alone
To deal with this internal plight
So I'll keep my doors closed
And never let you in
You'll never know what upsets me
But you won't ever give in
I can hear you banging on the door
As I sit by myself
Back pressed against a wall
The door is right there
The keys lie in my hand
I so desperatly want to let you in
Please don't ever give in

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