Snow Angel

March 29, 2008
By Morgan Long, New York, NY

For a long time she slept through life
When awakened, the girl squinted in front of a foggy window
Through numb, green eyes.
A painted escape would shyly peer into them
telling stories of a blurry face in silk snow under a sea of sky
While dreamy fish clouds swam over a buried angel
But her shallow breath made hope disappear…

A nameless face would steal the glowing utopia
with helpless rage breaking her ribs
The girl resentfully settled into a daunting slumber
While the angel’s constant lullaby of laughter- mocked her nightmares.

One night the girl crawled out of bed
She went to the window and spotted the angel swim out of her grave
Their emerald eyes searched each other for answers
the girl realized the angel was a long lost friend
the spectral face that whispered the stories of hope
hidden them at will
Was her own reflection

There was a crash, a splatter of a million
Dirty glass pieces
fresh blood drizzling down,
Mixed with the crisp, pure snow
I collapse
Making a snow angel

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