There Goes Your Soul

March 29, 2008
By Afra Haleem, Colombo, ZZ

Look at what they've done
what they've done to you.
They've torn apart your
your heart and soul

Little by little they
took their words and cut
through your soul

Making sure every bit is
as tiny and insignifigant
as they said you were

You can't seem to take it
as they relish over your
pain you break down and
run away

The grimy, slippery tiles,
onto them you fall.

Not quite sure whats wetting
you, the tears that fall or
the cold water that's seeping

Blackened heart is pounding
against your bruised chest
beating out the time that's

The slick black blade cool
against your skin shining
with tears stained with black

The corners of your mouth
twitch and break into a

The blade smiles back like
it's the only way and
freedom it will give

'Cause for all the pain
they've given. this is
what your giving back

The balde slices through
your skin and beads of blood

Now a pool wraps you up
and you grin with
whatevers left in you

As your body lightly falls
to the ground, you don't
feel a thing

There's nothing but your
body left 'cause your
soul's gone free...

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