Music is

March 29, 2008
By Sarah Duffy, Auburn, WA

Music is my life; it helps me get through my pain and my strife.

Music is always there, when nobody seems to care.

Music is my soul, my every living breath;

My whole life, until my dying death.

Music offers me hope, when theres nothing left to give,

It brings my spirits up, and makes me want to live.

Music is my passion, its all I want to do,

I will be something, and I will prove that to you.

Music will be my success; it will change how the world feels,

It will finally make my wonderland real.

Music will be my chance, to go down in history,

It will consume my life, and thats how I want it to be.

Music is my one shot, the best thing I can do,

People tell me not to throw away my life, but this is what I choose.

Music is my everything, without it where would I be?

It has saved my life, and I think thats what everyone needs to see.

Music is my life, its the one thing I will be able to control,

Music is my black heart, music is my dark soul.

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