When She Thinks of You

March 28, 2008
When she thinks of you
Her heart skips a beat
She gets nervous
She wants to love but can’t even take a breath

It scares her to feel this
Yet it feels so good
You make her happy
She lover your smile
She thinks she might like you
But you could never love her back

She’s just another face passing by
Nothing special
So why take the time to stop and
Think about her phone number
You could do better
So you move on living your life
No words conversed

Little do you know how she feels inside
She cries at night
Because she is not loved
Your friendship would mean the world to her
But that would be a waste of your time

You keep on living your life the way you want
And love every minute of it
She still lives her life
And dreads every minute of it
Wondering what would have happened were she someone else
If she became someone she’s not

She changes herself to fit in with a clique
She is someone else someone new
That everyone adores
Everyone but you
The story goes both ways
She thought that you didn’t care
But like her you were too scared
Scared of this feeling
Scared of love
Scared of what others may say

Now she is someone new
It’s too late
You should have spoken up
And now there’s no chance
You hate what she has become
And neither of you know what could have happened
If you had followed your hearts
You could have never grown apart

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