March 28, 2008
Love is jus a 4-letta word, but it has so much power to it
When you tell someone you love them, mean it, or else your life is ruined
When you tell someone you love them, you expect them to say "i love you too"
But thats not always the case so you feel like the problem is you
Sayn' "i love you" is like sayn' i wanna be wit' chu fa eva
But 9 times outta 10, yall aint gon stay tageva
Breakups are sometimes hard ta get ova
All you gotta do is move on and brush the dirt off yah shoulder
Another person will come along that knows what chu want
And when yall round' his friends he wont put on a front
He wouldnt mind cuddlen' wit' chu r holdn' yah hand
Cuz afta all, he is yah man
One day u'll get married and say "i do"
When that happens, u'll c that his love is true
People say that all men are the same, but looking at mine i cant tell
Cuz he aint cheatn' on me and he aint neva been n jail
Once u've been tageva fa a long period of time, u'll c that he's playn u and that love made u blind
Once u c him fa who he really is, your love i'll start ta fade away
And u'll wish u neva married him daii afta daii
Love means so much, but its really the way u take it
People dont always love you back, they c u love them so they fake it
The only reason why they stay round' is so that they can get dibs
Then they bail on you when you start poppn' out kidz
Yah kidz start grown' up and they ask u y?
Y aint chall tageva? and y doesnt he come by?
Then u have ta explain that all men do is bake cookies and route
Plus the relationship wasnt goin' well, and that chu wanted out
And thats when u realize that all men really r the same
Cuz eri single last one of em' play the "love" game!

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