I Hate...

September 26, 2011
By Ms_Shyness SILVER, Anderson, Indiana
Ms_Shyness SILVER, Anderson, Indiana
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Live life to the fullest because if yew dont it will past right by you

I hate your charming smile
I hate your perfect hair
I hate all your sexy piercings
I hate your sparkling eyes
And I hate your hypnotizing voice

I hate the way you look at me
I hate how you talk to me
I hate when you smile at me
And I hate how you make me feel

I hate the way you lie to me
I hate how you told me you started to like me
I hate how you joke about killing yourself
And I hate the way you make me feel

I hate that I care about you
I hate that I wanna be with you
I hate that your always on my mind
And I hate that I can't stop wanting you

But the thing I hate the most about this
Is the fact that I hate the way I fell in love with you

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