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September 26, 2011
By arielle stanley BRONZE, El Cajon, California
arielle stanley BRONZE, El Cajon, California
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tattered suit cases and nestle cocoa mix, bow ties and missing shoelaces, sunglasses on our faces, maps in our hand, vacant of a plan, but ready to make it, make it last forever…

i dont wanna forget to kiss the moon goodbye, or wake up to gentle kisses of the sun, how do you feel about messages in a bottle making their way to thriving sea, how do you feel about my warm workers fingers trailing absentmindley over the unborn shrub circling your chin, massaging your grin, that set the contraption amuck, leaving the the opposing quelms to banter as love caved in, im geussing you havent shaved then?

doesnt matter, just kiss the strawberry jam from the corner of my lips,

get lost with me,

feel with your wandering eyes; memories engraved in single blades of grass, giving the maturity a glimpse of its adolescent past, fading into roots grasping at soil, providing the mystery to be questioned throughout branches of the shivering willows, lay here on my heart, rest your head as we gaze into the blue canvas streaked with feathery pillows,

watching the hues transform from a calm current into a thundering stream, share my dream, before it becomes an explosion of crimson oranges and burgundy mandarin’s, bringing a fruitful joy to the pleasure of your illusion before ripping it at the seams, before transgressing into midnight blues, giving the moon another glimpse of me,

its just the way, you look,


reflections dancing so vivaciously on the stars echoes; floating aimlessly a midst the creek, attentive to the symphonies of mothers children, for the tales they speak, its hard not to listen, grasping their recollections of adulation and growth, within the walls of a world they almost feared we’d never know,

but were here,

glowing under luna’s forgiving light, watching the fireflies light the trail in which we have yet to add to our scriptures in the book of our journey,

but first ponder this inquisition, might i add, thoughtfully,

i need to hear it, leak silently from your spirit, the solvent to my riddle..

simply put, would you get lost with me..

The author's comments:
forever inspired by my muse;

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