September 26, 2011
By Aegis PLATINUM, Monroe, Michigan
Aegis PLATINUM, Monroe, Michigan
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Its the last year

And I got a little fear

Without a doubt

2012 is almost out

Its been good

And everythings gone as it should

No changing for me even if I could

Not the slightest change for me if you would

After this, off to college

In pursuit of a greater knowledge

No longer are we the children in this

life and its seemingly timeless abyss

In no time at all

It'll be our children in the fall

Teenagers talking about the mall

Or posting on some new crazy Facebook wall

Its the last year

And yeah, I got a little fear

Without a doubt

Class of 2012 is almost out

The author's comments:
Inspired through ones fear of the future after graduation. I'm close to this poem in particular because its message is universal and can be used for any person in the graduating class of 2012. Not in my state, or America, but i think this could be understood by any person graduating in the world.

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