Long Day

March 28, 2008
By Kendall Kotcher, Clarkston, MI

Long day

Terrible day,
Nothing went my way.
Bus is a mess,
No time to rest.
I beg for some mercy just too waste time.
Bus stop is here,
“Everybody clear!”

Long walk home,
So many places to roam.
I open the back door,
Curious to see what was behind it.
The thrust of the door sends my animals back.
The strength of my pets plunges me to the floor.
All I can say is, “What a nice way to come home.”

Behind the lights

Auditions went well,
Nothing to tell.
The race to the cast list,
And I follow the crowd.
Follow the fingers across the page,
Joyfully celebrating the thrill of my part.
Rehearsals down to the wire
Working hard to perspire.

Opening night sends nerves down my spine,
Carefully watching people fill in the seats.
The curtain opens.
The lights turn on.
My heart skips a beat,
And I take a quick breathe.
Now it’s time to fulfill my role.
That’s the beauty of the business behind bright lights.

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