March 28, 2008
By Kristina Evangelista, Floral Park, NY

Supporting you was always something I did
Believing you did everything for a reason
I was there for every change,
Every move,
Every tear you cried,
Everything you ever needed,
I was there
This hurts me inside
Something you will never have to deal with
I’m trying to support you on this
One of the hardest things I have to do
Although I might not tell you this
You and only you understood me
Every move I made
You understood it
I sit here knowing this is not goodbye
But you haven’t a clue how this is making me feel
Hurting to write this
I still continue
I have to let you no
This is something I can’t stop
Something I have no control over
As the tears slowly roll down everyone’s faces,
I will have to hug and kiss my world away one last time
One of the hardest things in life
I will have to go through twice
Just hoping you’ll remember
I was always there
Every hug,
Every kiss,
Every tear that fell with me,
Just remember
The laughs,
The parties,
Just remember
You were the person I went to
The person I always needed by my side
Just remember you were my second half,
My world.

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