Seven Times Itself Away

March 28, 2008
lights that strobe from beyond the dark

thoughts in my head that come from no-mind

like an N.O. field of intrusively intense proportions

like a poem with no rhyme or reason

a dangling conversation, macnamera'd into submission

stars calling down to earth

either in a signal to call us to fly above the impossible

or to wake the terrors in the dark, with names unpronounceable

either way, we look up and wonder, we smile

And forget

like a crescent moon with a celestial diamond seven times itself away.

a heraldry for a brave new age, emblazoned across the velvet night sky

as the eldritch mists circle and sway, swirling around the dancing ghosts

of the children of the earth

who despite the despot's efforts

never left and never will

so says the man with the buffalo head

and the ancient turtle, who knows all things

or maybe I just like him for aesthetical reasons

but whichever way goes, whichever way matters

remember to say 'forget the meds and the dogma'

catma's much cooler anyway

and know that loving yourself

is the key to loving everything

and by the time this oral maelstrom is done,

my bold heraldry has faded with the ambiguous, heavenly callers

and the bright soul of existence rises into the sky

after we let it out of our minds and our hearts



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