Burn the Subtle-Fire

March 28, 2008
Holy S***
Where'd it all go
One quick 'Yes'
And now I don't know
Whats up or down
Or left or right
I'm swirling
Lost in my head tonight.

And oppressed
In a sensation of
Baleful Claustrophobia
I burn in this box
And can't escape the haunting music
Of this cornucopia of lights and sound
That I have come to know as Hell-on-Earth
The Djinn speaks out my mouth
And I can't tell what he says
The Clockface is shattered
And I think I might be dead.
I'm in the subtle-fire
I ride this cosmic wave
I'm caught up by the maelstrom
I'm lost in this daze.
Now the first minute's past
And this s*** will last
All night long, All my life
Sub-reality; its all a broken

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