Waterfall and My Best Trait

Falling water so delicate and cool
As it cascades down smooth and weathered stones
Coming to the wondrous sparkling pool
Calming and serene making a soft drone
Water imps graze the surface gracefully
Bright green moss that covers the surroundings
Autumn leaves falling so merrily
A sight that is extremely resounding
A place to be a meeting of lovers
Trees so tall like the giant protectors
So mystic and cloudy a fog hovers
Pretty flowers hide forbidden nectors
Soft and clear is the nightingale’s call
Such is the beauty of a waterfall

You ask me my best trait
Well that can raise debate
Someone says this
annother says that
So lets put this thing to bed
I could say I'm a egghead
but my report card spins another tale
I could tell you I'm miss priss
But thats a lesson I think I'll miss
I could tell you many things without fail
I know what I'm not
But not what I am

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