Beyond The Meager Flesh

September 17, 2011
By nikkid92 BRONZE, Mount Juliet, Tennessee
nikkid92 BRONZE, Mount Juliet, Tennessee
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What is it that makes us take the veneers, our most deceptive organ gives us and insist it is truth? When it is no more true than the ideal of face-value. Why is our judgment so quickly made based solely upon what is no more important than the tiniest speck of dust? Why can’t this shallow habit be penetrated by a gust of wind and swept away like that speck of dust can? Is it because it has been bore and sewn into the very gray matter that acts as the mastermind of our being ever since we emerged from our mother’s womb? Or is it society’s grip upon the corrupt thought they very well created in us? Why is it that our heart only pumps the red life through us? Does it no longer see past the deceit we rely so solely on? Can’t a beautiful disguise obscure the rotting flesh that hides underneath? Is it inconceivable that a lusterless veil be lifted to reveal the most stunning core? Why is it not that the inner is shown through to what is on display to the world? Will we always be held prisoner to our own prejudice? Or will we break free using finally not the eye that cannot see beyond the meager flesh but instead the heart that sees through the evasive skin into the soul where the true beauty is forever held, longing to be cherished for the treasure it holds just below the surface. For it is not of flesh that we are made but rather it is soul, love, personality, passion that makes us truly sublime.

The author's comments:
The way society plays a huge role in how we perceive things and make judgements.

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