cruisin in the sun

September 29, 2011
By meandiva BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
meandiva BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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I got in my car to take a ride in the sun, to feel the heat as my car ride along the road while I’m driving in my car I look to see others working in their front yard and driving alone too. I’m thinking to myself should I go to the pool or just chill in the sun. I went back home to get my swim suit and put it on. After I got out I just chilled in the sun and rub sun scream on my body. Then here come my friend pulling up in my drive way . Yelling my name and smiling at me. She ask me do I won’t to drive around with her and go window shopping I said yes. I raned back in the house to get dressed. Then we got in the car and headed to were all the good stores are at. My friend drove around until she saw something she like. We did that until the sun start to set. This is how I spent my day cruising in the sun.

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