My Mind

September 29, 2011
By Anonymous

My thoughts are misunderstood
You look at me like I’m a freak of nature
Do I scare you?
Do I intimidate you?
Is it because I’m not the average person?
It is Isnt It,
I’m different from the normal
My mind
My thoughts there both to complex and advanced for you
Nothing you have seen before
I’ll tell you once
Cross my path…
For 4 years I’ve been storing my emotions I’m ticking time bomb ready to explode
You hear my thoughts
My feelings you would wonder how I’m still Sane
Ba***** since birth..
Nearly homeless at times
Nearly homeless at times
Feels like I’m living a lifetime of
I’ve only been living for 16years
Every night people pray to see the light of day again tomorrow
I do the opposite
I pray I don’t wake up and yet
I’m still alive
I still alive
I still open my eyes every morning
Why lord?
Do you like seeing me miserable?
Do you have something big waiting for me..
Either way
I’m ready
To Give, up on Everything….

The author's comments:
Its alittle something thats been in my mind

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