make a difference

September 29, 2011
By Anonymous

Its always like life is left to fate
Stained on your soul like a splatter of paint
Every moment is a second closer to my expiration date
But is it all turning out to be a waste
Hatters in yo face people always gone hate
Tell em get off my case
Be a lawyer some other place
Because they don’t know what you got on yo plate
What you have on yo chest
STOP COMPLAINING forget the boo-hoos
Because when you gone who gone fill up yo shoes
Just take a look in the mirror
Theres no image clearer
Of the the person that will make
A difference
Try and live your life with a purpose and make a change for the better of the world you live in and everyone else will contribute. If one bad apples spoil the whole bunch what would a Great apple do????

The author's comments:
Change your self for the better

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