The story of us

September 29, 2011
By dejavoo13579 PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
dejavoo13579 PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
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The first time we talked I felt something I couldn’t explain.
Like that weird scent you smell right before it rains.
I thought could this be a start?
Is there a flame ignited in my heart?
I shook my head no.
This couldn’t be.
There is definitely nothing between you and me.
Then as time went on more feelings started to bloom.
I’d feel butterflies when I saw you glance from across the room.
The first time you smiled at me.
I thought I would melt.
It was so hard to not tell you how I felt.
I smiled back and waved.
I started thinking if I didn’t tell you I’d be buried young in a grave.
The first time I called you I was so scared I thought I’d die.
I quickly hung up the phone and began to cry.
My heart was racing.
I nervously started pacing.
I was so scared.
I had no idea that you cared.
The first time we talked on the phone I was nervous again.
As I listened to the dial tone I was tempted to press end.
But then I heard your voice in my ear.
My voice shook with anxiety and fear.
We only talked for a minuet but it was ok.
I was a nervous wreck anyway.
When you told me you liked me I was completely surprised.
And all this time I kept my feelings disguised.
It turned out you felt the same way.
I still get butterflies thinking about that day
The first time you said I love you; I went out of my mind.
Believe it or not babe I actually cried.
Because I felt the exact same way and from that moment I knew you were going to be in my mind to stay.
The first time we kissed, inside something grew.
I knew that I only wanted to be with you.
As you held me in your arms with my nose against your chest,
I felt real happiness.
Something I hadn’t felt in a long time.
Because I knew that you were my mine.
The last time we talked I was determined it had to end
I cut us off doing what seemed so wrong within
But so right in my head
You can't imagine how my heart bled
I cried and cried and cried
Because the feeling was still inside

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