Wish you was around

September 29, 2011
By MrTaji BRONZE, Oak Prak, Michigan
MrTaji BRONZE, Oak Prak, Michigan
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Look at me now
I’m 17 still thuging without a pops
But a man is to move on
Hold on and keep strong
And I know things aint working between you and mom
But that’s all good
Hey I guess that’s just how it is
I guess when I have kids I guess I can teach them better
Or maybe just be like you
But I can’t let the cycle repeat its self
So I take one day at a time
Just trying to live positively in this life of crime
I’m got to get this money trying to get a job
But it just keep taking too long
Is this just a sad poem of me doing wrong?
I don’t know, you be the judge of that
I got to maintain and keep my head focus
Like hocus pocus hickory dickery dock
I’m looking at the clock and watching time fly
It’s flying in a blink of an eye just like a drive bye
I’m getting older an older as the world turn
I pray to god I make it and be better than you when it’s my turn

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