The Unknown

September 29, 2011
By Anonymous

How to know you’re in love…
When he gave his life
And only begotten son
Shed blood for you and me
Cares for everyone
And never judged
The Father, The Holy Spirit, The Only Son.

How to know you’re in love…
When he gives his heart
If he leaves, my world would fall completely apart
When he says the words “I love you”
And I believe those words as a proven fact
Or when his words show more than his actions
Then you start to wonder why and what happened.

How to know you’re in love…
When she gave birth to me
Let me stay under her roof
Cared and nurtured for me,
But then turned around and left me
Stayed in the streets and did her thing
Came back home like nothing ever changed
Are you forced to love her because she’s your mother?

How to know you’re in love…
When they say they have your back
And down for whatever
When yall have all types of fun
And get in trouble together
Or when your mans gets shot and killed for another friend
Funerals, fights, tears, and fears.

How to know you’re in love…
When he died for me
When he said he loved me
When she birthed, but left me
When they were all down for me?

How will I ever know?
When will it ever show?

The author's comments:
Love is something we use to express a very emotional feeling, but how do you know when you have it, or when someone has it for you? The answer is unknown, and I've been through things, yet my definition is still questionable about love.

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on Oct. 20 2011 at 8:07 am
i deeply enjoyed this poem

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