Glory Days

September 29, 2011
By Annalise0800 SILVER, Junction City, Kansas
Annalise0800 SILVER, Junction City, Kansas
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When I get to be a dancer and singer

My voice will lure everybody in

And when I start dancing people won’t be able to look away

They’ll applause and ask for more

I’ll say no I’m tired

But they’ll keep begging for more

My songs will fill everybody with emotions

I’ll never be forgotten

Even when I’m not singing I’ll be dancing

And when I’m not dancing I’ll be singing

I’ll never be forgotten even when I’m old and wrinkly

People will come to me and ask

Just sing for me one more time

Just one more dance


But I won’t because my glory days will be over

And the new generation will come in and take over

But I’ll know that I once was every body’s favorite person

And I’ll never be forgotten

When I get to be a singer and dancer

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