Remember September

September 28, 2011
By M.Lizeth GOLD, Santa Fe Springs, California
M.Lizeth GOLD, Santa Fe Springs, California
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My heart is blind, that so it can love the soul that is too bright for the eyes to see.

Can you still hear those voices?
Voices like ghosts haunting the land?
The yells, screams of agony
Calling for a God’s hand?

Can you still taste the ash?
The ash falling like winter snow?
While flames bite the air
And boil tears of sorrow?

Do you still remember the sights?
Do you still see it all?
From the moment you’re struck
To the moment you fall?

Do you still recall the smells?
The sickening reek of an atrocity?
The burning of hard metal
And the breath of tragedy?

‘Cause I can still hear it
Still taste, see, and smell it
10 years after you fell
That one memory remains lit

I hear it in their stories
And taste it in their tears
See it in their eyes
Smell it in their fears

I can even feel the pain
So great it makes me seethe
Because why are others dead
While I continue to breathe?

So tell me, do you remember?
Do you still store it all?
Do you keep that feeling
Of once before standing tall?

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a tribute to 9.11.01; I wasn't there that day, nor do I remember anything that
occurred that day. All I know of 9.11.01 is what I've seen
and heard in the days that followed the attacks. I may not know
what the real witnesses of that day might feel, but I can only
imagine. I want to dedicate this poem to the all the heroes of
that day, all the people who did more than they were asked for;
first responders who did not hesitate to act, workers who ran
back inside to help others, the volunteers who helped in the
search and rescue that followed, families that never gave up in
their search for their loved ones, and most importantly, the
Nation that stood taller than ever before and continues to keep that memory of our heroes alive.

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