When My Lizard Became President

September 23, 2011
By tatidal123 SILVER, Piscataway, New Jersey
tatidal123 SILVER, Piscataway, New Jersey
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When my lizard became president
What a merry day that was
People screaming, throwing confetti-
Cheering like an American does

My lizard had many bodyguards
The biggest one was Paul
He carried my lizard to Washington D.C
Away from the screaming fans’ call

My lizard ruled with an iron fist
He was only six inches long
(Three of those six were of his tail)
But his size never did him wrong

My lizard enforced many laws
All protecting small pets
He said they all should be eating at the dinner table
And regularly taken to the vet

He campaigned all over America
On billboards was his lizard-y face
Didn’t matter what species you were
What gender, what religion, what race

But can you believe that some people
Believed he shouldn’t be in power?
“A lizard shouldn’t rule our country”
“A lizard’s too meek- a coward.”

That didn’t stop my lizzie
He was used to such controversy
I was so proud of my brave little guy
He was always a natural-born leader to me

When my lizard became president
What a merry day that was
Four years later, a boy in a blazer
Stepped on him like a little boy does

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