February 28, 2008
By Christopher Norman, Canton, OH

Life is what you want,
Life is what you take,
Life is what you love and all the things you hate,
Life is what you let go or if you retaliate,
Life is sometimes bad but often turns out great
Life is what you have and how people relate,
Life is if your single or if you have a mate,
Life is what you make and not what people think,
Life is what you do and not what you say,
Life is not what you forget but what you know,
Life is full of pimps and many hoes,
Life is full of smart people and lost souls,
Life is happiness and times of hard blows,
Life is not the past but how you grow,
Life is full of criminals and heroes,
Life is full of real and fake societal roles,
Life is if your normal or a freak show,
Life is full of meetings and when people go,
What life really is you can ask anyone they don't know

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