Tick, Tick, You

September 11, 2011
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I want to text you, but can't seem to bring myself to... I want to see you, but can't seem to ask you when we can meet... I want to hear your voice, but can't find the courage to call you... I want to be in real time with you and not just in a wishing situation... I want to text you, but I feel like I bug you... I want to call you but scared I might get hurt by what I hear... most of all I want to see your trusting eyes brilliant smile and tall glory. My heart wants to do all these things but my brain can't seem to process myself to make my body do it... I guess I'm scared that with everything that's happened that I'll fall deeper... I haven't heard from you in a little while and that's okay, but I need to ask you something... I want to know when we can meet again, I can hear your voice, (kick your butt as promised), and just, well I guess just stand near you because through everything I think you've become my safety net. People don't understand, but I don't care... I need to hear from you, and probably soon, cos my heart is overflowing with adrenaline and it might if my brain doesn't ask just might go tick, tick BOOM...

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