Heavy Burdens

February 28, 2008
A heavy heart,
It holds me back.
So many struggles I have seen,
I’m only seventeen.
Life is hard now,
So many responsibilities.
Shackled to the ground by my own troubles.
Barely even treading water,
With the weight of the world on my heart.

Growing older,
Growing stronger.
Still sensitive.
Three months til’ graduation,
My college dreams are still so blurry.
So many people expect so much,
And the fear of disappointing loved ones obstructs my vision.
That long walk to success seems so much longer,
With the weight of the world on my back.

Confidence building,
Hopes rising,
I think that I can make it.
I know that I can make it.
I pace myself slow and steady wins the race,
And there is such a long way to the finish line.
I shift my weight as I fight through the pain,
But it’s much easier now that I’ve over-come those fears.
I have the weight of the world in my palm.

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