They Laugh at Me

February 28, 2008
They laugh and giggle.
They call me names.
He’s so dumb and fat .
They laugh at me.

Those words hurt me all the time.
They cut like shattered glass in a dissipated house.
I feel the pain through my body.
They laugh at me.

They point and laugh without saying a word.
I wish God would take me from this world.
I pray everyday that he would.
They laugh at me.

I wish they knew the pain inflicted.
For so long I have lived with it.
They don’t care; they think it’s funny.
I felt the pain it hurt so badly.
They laugh at me.

Through all the pain I went through
I relaxed something I never knew.
I took pain out on others.
My mother, grandmother, and my aunt.
Never knew it was all my fault.

I hope they forgive me with all their hearts.
I always thought I was so smart.
Never knew I broke all their hearts.
I wish I could take back everything.

But I always will remember ....
They all laugh at me

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