Ed Carlin

February 27, 2008
The small trickle of the river,
The calm sweat upon my brow.
Small pleasures gained as old ones are lost.
Everything changed,
I had two children, Edna and James,
With a loving wife, we moved out West.
A new life, a soul reborn on the night we met.
I struggled to let go of the lifestyle of my college years.
Change is difficult, yet I became a man.
I worked an eight-hour day and earned good money,
but I was not satisfied.
I wanted life to be more than just a suit and tie,
cubicles and labs.
More Sunday night football would have been nice.
My son, right beside me, lived a dream that I did not achieve,
racing the winds with his own two feet.
Yet my life was truly complete—the good and the bad.
All I had to do was remember.

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