The One Who Had Everything

February 27, 2008
I’d see you in the classroom, sometimes during lunch, maybe in the commons. I’ve always watched you, watched you from afar. I walked by you everyday wishing one day I could stop and say hi. Then maybe we could be friends. But, you’re in a world of your own, with your lovely golden skin and hair that curls like ribbons. I’ve watched from the ground always having to look up at the sky. Constantly, surrounded by that group, you know the one everyone wants to hang out with. You always are encased in a circle of friends, giggling about those secret I wish I knew. You with your pretty clothes that make everyone turn green. If I had clothes like that would you hang out with me? Your soft, rosy smile and the graceful sway of your hips make all the guys flock around. Your long, velvety hair dances down your back playfully, like the kind I wish I had, but probably won’t. Always surrounded, always loved, you who has everything. Maybe tomorrow when I find out how to be cool, I’ll ask you to be my friend. But, today you have everything, everything I wish I had. Yes, you with that pretty, pretty, face and those clothes that seem radiant only on you. Walking down the commons, I look for you again. But, today you’re not there surrounded by your giggly group of friends. Walking, walking, walking I see you in the corner the ones no one should be in, crying. Why are you crying? You’re the one that has everything. Don’t you? If I asked you what was wrong, and gave you a warm smile I wonder if you would be my friend. Walking, walking, walking, I wonder.

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