Did You Ever Stop to Think

February 27, 2008
Did you ever stop to think?
it wasnt a drink
it was 6 little pills
who ever thought they would kill
you never thought
do you know the pain you brought?
every night and every day
thos memories will never fade away
you dont know me
or the person i used to want to be
becuase of you
that dream will never come true
have you ever had a ture friend
that would be here til the end?
I used to have one too.
but now, that'll never be true
as I think and think
my heart begins to sink
that night half of me was gone
why cant this be done?
he looks down
just to see his family frown
he wants to see us smile
we will see him in a short while
but until then
you deserve some time in the pen.

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